Olle, Kaj, Staffan, Håkan, Gunnar, Rolf and Ruppe (in front)
Photo: Kalevi Mäkkeli

Past Members
Olle Åhs started the band in 1974 and was its leader until 1983, after the Eindhoven festival. He took a long break from jazz-playing but returned, (after many years of psycology studies, leading to a Doctorate )with other combinations, and always with the aim of collecting for charity. Olle died after many years of illness on Feb 23 2008.

Rolf Carvenius (clarinet) was a member from 1974 until 1978, returning in 1985, but leaving again in 1996 to open a Jazz Museum and to start the Tuxedo Jazz Band.

Staffan Algell (banjo) was a member from 1974 until 1985, when together with Erling Norberg, Jan Jansson and Anders Alm they left Trattbandet and concentrated on their own Jubilee Jass Band.

Erling Norberg (trombone) 1978-1985.

Jan Jansson (double bass) 1977-1985

Pelle Hettman (piano) 1978-2009

Anders Alm (clarinet) 1978-1985, 1996 to the present

Gunnar Ekman (tuba) 1974-1977.

Svante "Ruppe" Rödegård (drums, washboard) 1977-1981; left for the USA.

Arne Wallin (trombone) 1974-1977.

Håkan Borgström (piano) 1976-78.

Lennie Frykman (double and electric bass) 1974,1985-1990,1994 -2001.

Rune Gelin (double bass) 1991-1994 until his death.

Peter Teglund (electric and double bass) 1994-2006; shared jobs with Lennie Frykman

Pelle Dywling (trombone, cornet) 1986-2001; frequent guest player

Current members:
Kaj Stridell (saxes) from 1976
Göran Schultz (piano) from 2009
Anders Alm (clarinet, vocals) from 1978
Pär Hettman (drums, washboard) from 1981
Bosse Bergendorf (cornet, vocals) from 1985
Gert Pettersson (double bass) from 2006

Trattbandet has, throughout its 34 year history, had various combinations of members as well as musical styles. When "Olle´s Trattband" was started in 1974 by the cornet player Olle Åhs we played in the pure New Orleans style and the band’s performances, from street parades to jazz festival stage concerts in Sweden and elsewhere, earned us a vast multitude of supporters.

When Olle left the band to study psycology, the name was changed to "Trattbandet", Kaj Stridell took over leadership and the repertoire was widened to include Dixieland, Swing and Sweet styles up to the 50s. Being short of a cornet player, the soprano played the lead for a couple of years, until Bosse appeared and the number of members was reduced from eight to seven and finally to six.

Our name is explained by the fact that a master of ceremonies intending to introduce us as the "trad band", stumbled on the word and said "tratt band" instead. Since "tratt" means "funnel" in Swedish and we found this funny and that the word could allude to the "funnels" of the instruments ( i.e. the bells of the wind instruments), we accepted and stuck to it!

The band has done highly appreciated performances in jazz clubs and festivals, among them "De oude stijl Jazz Festival" in Breda, Holland (five times), once in "De Eindhovense Jazzdagen",several clubs in eastern Holland, in the "Pori Jazz" of Finland, several performances over the years at the Storyville Happy Jazz Club in Helsinki, the "31st International Dixieland Festival in Dresden, Germany and other jazz festivals in Germany, like "Jazz in der Burg", Frankfurt, "Summer Jazz" in Pinneberg, festivals in Wildeshausen, Bad Segeberg, and several tours over the years in northern Germany.We also participated in the great Millenium Festival in the luxury resort Anfi on Gran Canaria.

At home, Trattbandet has performed in many jazz clubs and festivals, including Askersund, Arvika, Borlänge, Falun, Gothenburg, Häggvik/Nordingrå, Kungshamn/Smögen, Ljungby, Stockholm, Örebro, and last, but not least, in festivals and other events in and around our home town of Västerås. At the Swedish Open in Happy Jazz in Ljungby 1992 we took second place (+ soloist prize) and at the nationwide traditional jazz competition in 2002 with 27 bands participating, we won an honorary third award at the final in Gothenburg.

At our performances through the years, Trattbandet has had the pleasure of hosting a number of guest soloists, like cornetist Wild Bill Davison, trumpeters Buck Clayton, Bent Persson, Eddie Bruhner and Jan Stolpe, bass and piano player and singer/songwriter Red Mitchell, a one week tour in Sweden and Finland with the marvellous guitar player Marty Grosz, clarinetists Antti Sarpila, Anders Linder, and Kenneth Arnström, trombonist/pianist/Ulf Johansson-Werre and singers like Thorstein Bergman, Britt Damberg, Anna Sise, and some fifty other fine musicians, who have been an inspiration to the band.