Pictures / stories

Photos by members of the band, family and friends where not stated otherwise.

At home in Västerås. Bryggargården "The Brewery" is the place where Olle´s Trattband was born. It was our "home" for several years, the venue for regular Sunday Jazz Concerts in the vault, and where the Storyville Parades, started in 1978, always concluded with an evening jamsession.


When the Brewery was to be restored, we had to move to various localities, and nowadays we celebrate the Storyville Exodus - which we imagine helped the spread of jazz throughout the world -- in the beautiful new Västerås Concert Hall. Here, Trattbandet is expanded with guests Anna Sise, Klas Lindkvist and Jesse Lindgren.


In Västerås we are frequently involved in local events, like the Music Days, exhibitions, and, as shown here, the kite competitions at Johannesberg, where we entertained the crowds from the roof of a bus.


Visits to Västerås by other bands affords opportunities for jam sessions, like this one, with Anders Alm, Kaj Stridell, Sammy Rimington, Didier Geers and Staffan Algell.


It was like a whirl-wind, when Wild Bill Davison was invited to play with the band for a concert in the hall of The Castle of Västerås. Although the star of the evening, he insisted, that he was best on playing obbligato to the lead. Ebullient and mischievous, he related stories about and around the music, and his famous statement: "This band evokes the multitudes to tremendous outbursts of enthusiasm”” has stayed with us though the years.

Photo: Gunnar Holmberg 

It is hard to believe, that the legendary Buck Clayton, has been our guest for an evening! A very friendly and humble man, he sang well, but had a problem with his mouthpiece, so Olle was actually the best brass player for the evening.. We are however proud to have had him with us; a precious moment, after all!


Red Mitchell, who became honorary member No. 1, of the Jazzens Vänner Club (Friends of Jazz Club), has also been a valued guest.with Trattbandet. He was not only a bass player par excellence, but also a pianist and singer/song-writer, and he became a very dear friend of ours. Here in discussion with Pelle Hettman around some chord changes.


Marty Grosz is a wonderful guitar player and entertainer, and we had the pleasure of having him with us for a week on tour, from Säffle Jazz Club in the West of Sweden to the Storyville Jazz Club in Helsinki, Finland, in the East. Marty has a guitar with a special tuning, which allows him to play the melody, chords and bass notes at the same time, and with a fantastic swing!

With Marty in a concert at Ramnäsgården not far from Västerås.

Photo: Leif Karlsson 

Our former clarinetist, Rolf Carvenius, opened a Jazz Museum in Strömsholm, and it occurs, that he invites us to take care of the entertainment there.

Away from “home”, playing at the famous “Pawnshop" in Stockholm; one of two sessions in 1980 .....

...and in 2004! But we have been to other Stockholm venues…. at Mosebacke, Nalen and others....

...and at quite a few jazz clubs around the country, from Mannaminne in Häggvik/Nordingrå in the north of Sweden....

.... via the oldest Swedish trad jazz festival, in Askersund, where we were the very first booked band in 1983, and where we have appeared four more times...

.... and a couple of times all the way west to Jözze-jassen in Arvika.... well as a few times at the Kungshamn/Smögen Trad Jazz Festival.........

.....and at the "Swedish Open” in Happy Jazz Downtown Ljungby" in 1992. We received the second prize and a soloist prize, here being handed over to a proud bandleader by radio producer Jan Ellerås....

and ten years later we received an honourable third prize in the final in Gothenburg of the first nationwide Swedish trad jazz competition with 27 participating bands.

Our first tour abroad was made to Breda in Holland in 1980, followed by five further visits. Our first concert in the Turfschip was an experience, where the multitudes were shouting "We Want More! We Want More", over and over again! (Read Joep ten Oever´s statement under Press cuttings and comments!) In Holland we have also been to "De Eindhovense Jazzdagen" and toured a number of jazz clubs in eastern Holland.

On our first visit to Breda the whole band including families, 25 persons, rented a bus and had a lovely and thrilling holiday. On his 8th birthday Fredrik was congratulated by the band in the sand dunes.

To Finland we came for the first time to the well-known Pori Jazz, where we played from a historic brewery carriage.

Since then we have been many times to the Storyville Jazz Club in Helsinki.

Via contacts between adopted towns we got aquainted with a German band from Bad Segeberg, "Folk Train", and thanks to that, we have made many tours in the North and the West of Germany, as here, in the world famous Cotton Club of Hamburg

and the "Summer Jazz" festival of Pinneberg, close to Hamburg

and in the Otto Flath Art Museum in Bad Segeberg

and at a jazz festival "in der Burg" near Frankfurt

and at the final concert of the "31st International Dixieland Festival 2001" in Dresden

...But we have been much farther away! Thanks to this T-shirt..

we got into touch with the staff of the big luxury resort ANFI on Gran Canaria, and we flew with our families - in all 16 persons – and enjoyed a week in luxury apartments and a lovely park and beach around the turn of the millennium 1999-2000, to play for the two thousand guests during the festivities

and one night in the "Wallman´s show" at "Garbo´s". A great experience! The whole story was published in the Swedish jazz club magazine "Tradjazzpulsen" no 2/2000.

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Having followed us around in our various "adventures" during 36 years, we hope, that you have become interested enough to engage us for any kind of event: a concert, a firm’s party, a family celebration, a wedding - or happy divorce- a marketing event, a parade, or simply, a nice dance evening or café entertainment. If so, please let us hear from you. Our contact address is under the menu Contacts, where you also can order our CDs.

With the warmest jazz greetings from us all in Trattbandet: Anders, Bosse, Gert, Kaj, Göran and Per.