Press cuttings and what people say about us

”This band evokes the multitudes to tremendous outbursts of enthusiasm!”
(Wild Bill Davison)

"The Swedish jazzband Trattbandet gave in the Tribune by the horse race-track a much applauded concert”
(Dierk E. Seeburg/Bad Segeberg)

"For more than four hours the Swedish jazz-formation Trattbandet treated us in Alt-Kaki to some high class music. Many listeners insisted spontaneously:“The Swedes must come back!"
(Klaus_Ulrich Tödter/Kaltenkirchen)

"Trattbandet, this year´s clear favourites with the audience, did not win their admirers only because of their wide repertoire from blues to swing, but also for a brilliant performance and an infectious joy of playing” (Bodil Bohman/Jözze-jassen, Arvika)

"The audience did literally catch on. It was a trad jazz lovers´ Christmas ! The audience gave a standing ovation at the end of the Sunday concert. The applause was longer than usual. Lennart Gedda thanked Trattbandet for a quite fantastic concert"
(Runa/ Seffle Jazz Club)

"Trattbandet, with trad jazz on their repertoire, gave an excellent concert at the Centrum Cinema on Wednesday night. It went with a bang and good spirits and they performed some twenty New Orelans and Dixieland numbers. A few other tunes from the slightly younger swing period were also given a tender treatment by these skilful musicians."
(Juris Martinsons, Sala)

"This is happy stomp for all one is worth...Bosse Bergendorf´s rugged cornet exchanges phrases with Kaj Stridell, who tells tall tales with his saxes...I like most the some velvety tone of his baritone sax. Anders Alm spreads small brooks of silver in the upper register of the clarinet....this is music to make you happy, nothing else.."
(Gustaf Berglund,vlt)

"Trattbandet is a conception within this style of jazz...They played quite a bunch of old classics in a very pleasing way. Not least delightful was Kaj Stridell´s juicy baritone, forming a steady, sonorous volume in the lower register. He was also responsible for some very excellent solo work. Not least in the ballads, where he gave us dizzyingly beautiful, and simple playing. It was also the clarinetist Anders Alm who took most of the plus points as a soloist. He plays tastefully, has lots of ideas, and plays an enjoyable and technically good trad jazz clarinet. He was also responsible for a magnificent singing in "Hard hearted Hannah.."
(Bertil Danielsson, Ludvika)

"Trattbandet was the only band we had not heard anything of before. When they played in the foyer of the hall, they made an enormous impact! They got the audience with them! Music was being played in many places around the building, but nowhere was there such an excitement as in the foyer"
(Joep ten Oever, staff of De Oude Jazz Festival of Breda, Holland)

(With Wild Bill Davison as a guest)
"He was charmed by Olle´s Trattband, especially the sax player Kaj Stridell and pianist Nicke Andersson who were given much praise in the intermission. But the whole band did a first rate job!"
(Gunnar Holmberg, vlt)